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How do I buy products on cause-cart?

Simply click on the Sign Up button on the upper right hand corner and follow the prompts!

Are you a socially conscious business owner that has product with mission or provides a % of proceeds to a non-profit? If so, you're at the right place! Once you sign up you can submit a test listing to allow our team to review and follow up with you regarding potential next steps.

We currently use USPS for shipping. All product is packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials, unless otherwise indicated.

We strive to process orders within 1-3 business days.

To help offset the carbon our online business model emits we are partnering with Forest Nation’s Reforestation Project In Tanzania that is creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth. Learn More about Our Forest Nation Project: https://forestnation.com/net/forests/cause-cart

We know ecommerce has a negative effect on the environment and we are committed to finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. In addtion to partnering with ForestNation, we are also partnering with Pchama and investing in the Topaiyo Project. in Papua New Guinea to repurpose land originally set for timber harvest. Learn more at: https://pachama.com/explorer/projects/topaiyo

Cause-Cart allows you to choose causes via the category browse page. Click on a cause and if we have active product supporting that cause, the product will populate. You can also see within each product listing a tag of the cause the seller supports.

If you click on a cause and there is no product, we unfortunately do not have product that supports the cause currently. Hang tight as we keep working on growing partnerships to give you the best shopping with a purpose experience around!

If you have ideas you want to share, please do! Contact us at voice@cause-cart.com. We are stronger together and are committed to continuous improvement to make this the destination site for mission driven shopping!